In early June, dozens gathered at the Gillette Gun Club with two things in common: A love of shooting trap and a hate of cancer.

The seventh annual H&R Block Cancer Shoot-Out June 1-2 saw a group of more than 40 trap shooters from Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota raise $3,850 for the American Cancer Society.

“The motivation was because there’s a lot of people in my life and lives that have been affected by cancer,” said Sheridan H&R Block owner Barbara Hodgson, who runs the tournament. She said her father and grandfather had the disease. “It’s just something that I think is a good cause.”

It was a registered Amateur Trapshooting Association shoot, and the several events were named after local people who had fought cancer. The first day’s events were named after those who passed away from cancer, and the second day’s for local cancer survivors. Last year, the group donated about $6,000.

Some of the shooters, including Gillette native and Gun Club frequenter Harv Fridley, battled cancer and won. Fridley said he is still checking up on the cancer doctors found two years ago, but he has a positive attitude and the club to help him through.

“We just come and have a good time,” Fridley said about the shoot.

Hodgson said she checked with the American Cancer Society and the money is tabbed to go into the transportation of Wyoming cancer patients to top hospitals.

“It’s just not going to administration or to national,” Hodgson said. “It’s staying more in Wyoming.”

The Moser Family, Kevin Nelson, Mark Dick and Hodgson’s H&R Block business together donated $4,200 to put on the event and a raffle raised $875.

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