While it may be enticing to go with whatever the hot current trend is, consider a more timeless look that will remain en vogue over the years.

Bathroom renovations can be time-consuming and expensive, but combining color, materials and fixtures to create a timeless design assures the space will transcend fleeting trends and look good for the long haul.

“White is a classic color, and a lot of white makes something timeless,” said Jason Landau, owner of Amazing Spaces, an interior design firm specializing in kitchen and bath design in Greenwich, Connecticut. “Most clients like white in the bathroom.”

“White gives the allure of a spa with a fresh and clean design that has a universal appeal,” said interior designer Michelle Harrison-McAllister, owner of Michelle Harrison Design, San Diego.

“White cabinets aren’t classic on their own but when paired with Calacatta or Carrara marble, they are elevated to a luxurious and clean classic bathroom style,” said Los Angeles-based interior designer Megan Dufresne, principal designer at MC Design. “In the same way, white tile is not classic on its own, but when paired with black tile, it shifts into timeless appeal.”

Another classic option is a neutral palette.

“Whether in paint color or tile option, you can be assured it will always be in style,” Harrison-McAllister said. “Warm neutral colors also provide a soothing atmosphere in addition to creating a long-lasting look.”

A neutral bathroom doesn’t have to be boring.

“Bring in textures and warmth with your décor,” said Kelly Marohl, owner and designer, The Greenspring Home in Baltimore.

Stay current with splashes of trendy colors such as brushed gold or matte black hardware or navy blue accessories, Landau said.

Incorporate up-to-the-minute elements that are easy to change, Marohl said: “Use a trendier light fixture, mirror or faucet, while keeping tile, flooring and cabinetry timeless.”

“You can absolutely incorporate trendy pieces to bring vibrancy and a bit of flair,” Dufresne said. “A good way to accomplish this is to choose on-trend hardware such as Lucite handles or cabinet pulls.”

Functional and beautiful, a freestanding tub can add style and elegance to a bathroom.

“Freestanding tubs have long been a sign of luxury and elegance, adding an artistic sculptural piece to any bathroom,” Harrison-McAllister said. “These were only used for the wealthy who could afford indoor plumbing back in the early 1900s and show no sign of slowing down [in popularity] or going away anytime soon.”

Look for a model with clean lines and maybe a tiny bit of detail, Landeau said. Most people will choose all-white options, but a tub with interior color, such as black, is an eye-catching addition.

Subway tiles add a classic touch and are available in a variety of styles.

“Choose something with a bit of flair, maybe a slight undulation or slightly uneven edges,” Landeau said.

Choose classic over exaggerated tile shapes, said Janet Lorusso, principal and owner of JRL Interiors in Acton, Massachusetts. Classic rectangle, hexagonal or square are more timeless than teeny-tiny subway sheets, long super-skinny tiles and arabesque shapes that come and go out of fashion, she said.

“Choose classic tile layouts like running bond, herringbone or basketweave over vertical orientation or stacked lines of rectangles,” Lorusso said.

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