Bill Pownall

We have to do whatever is necessary to protect the hospitals and clinics in the small communities in Wyoming. As a legislator, I would look at every option presented and support whichever option is best for all our citizens.

Although I oppose much of what’s been forced on us by the Affordable Care Act, we may be in a position where we need to negotiate a positive agreement to protect our citizens. The highest priority in this is protecting our senior citizens and assuring they have access to care. If providing the best care means compromising with the federal government while we search for a better solution, compromise may be our best option.

One of the real problems with this whole issue is how untrustworthy the current presidential administration is. It seems they want to change this law on a weekly basis, which makes me question if we could even trust any agreement we enter into. I am hopeful with a change of administration in two years we can make real progress toward a better solution.

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