Lynne Huskinson Q2

It is irresponsible that the state Legislature would attempt to rein in or limit the power of public health officials during a pandemic.

This issue can be visited after the pandemic is over. Form a task force to review practices and make changes after the danger of infection or spread has passed.

State legislatures should heed the recommendations of medical professionals. They should support the implementation of the guidelines and recommendations of health care providers and experts.

My family recently experienced a death from COVID. I have friends who have buried their elder parents without the ability to say goodbye. The grief that people have endured is beyond belief.

My youngest daughter’s fiancé barely missed hospitalization when his high fevers and delirium persisted. The fear of your loved ones getting COVID is real.

I wear a mask out of respect for other people and myself. I’m 60. I show others the concern that I hope will be shown for me. It’s been proven that wearing a mask saves lives. It makes sense to follow a simple guideline of wearing a mask.

I believe in science and will follow protocols issued by health officials that have the public’s best interests in mind.

As someone raised LDS and a Catholic since 2000, my faith is essential to who I am and the decisions I make. Having faith does not mean disregarding good science. Freedom does not mean carelessly risking others’ health. In public health and in all matters, I will support and legislate for the common good.

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