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My family have been Republicans since 1885. The Republican platform is not merely a list of ideals, they are the way that I live my life.

I believe in the sanctity of life, the right to free speech and the right to own and carry guns. I believe that the government closest to the people is best, that low taxes are good and that the necessity of being fiscally conservative is imperative.

My foundation as a lifelong Republican influences every decision I make. Always has, always will.

I really believe that everyone can agree on most issues 80% of the time. Most issues are multifaceted. When you are an elected official, you represent ALL of the people in your district, even the ones who didn’t vote for you.

As a Campbell County Commissioner, I never asked people if they were Republican or Democrat. I just wanted to know what their concerns were and how I could address them. Much research, reading from multiple sources, talking to trusted experts and hearing from constituents build upon my own experience to form my decisions.

I am saddened by the state of the Republican Party, both here and in the state. I do not agree with a group of people grading the legislators on how Republican they are. That is the right of the voters. Differing opinions can strengthen the party. Both sides are needed.

I believe in the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan, who advocated for a big tent and I welcome anyone who wants to join me in that tent.

Let’s be respectful of one another and work together to help get Campbell County and our wonderful state back on track.

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