Lynne Huskinson Q1

I support Gillette College creating its own district. Vocal support was expressed for the new district at a public hearing held Oct. 10. Autonomy and gaining independence from a district based in another county will aid in establishing our own brand for the future.

Conversations with my supporters have focused on how frustrating it was when Sheridan cut sports without warning. This had a direct effect on city government also with the departure of my councilman, coach Shawn Neary. I’ve also heard from others who support the college for the sports programs alone.

Gillette thrives when we have a college team to support. Not only will it bring the community together, it brings revenue we sorely need. Local residents’ businesses and industry all will potentially benefit by Gillette College having its own district.

If the WCCC approves Campbell County for a new district, it will move on to the state Legislature. If elected, I would vote in favor of the new district and encourage others to vote in favor.

Campbell County commissioners have said that raising taxes is inevitable for Gillette to form its own district. Community will and effort are necessary to convince people the tax is worth it.

Supporting local control/input in higher education will give us pride in what we have here.

From the legislative seat, I can make the case for people who have worked in the coal mines or oil fields and all who have been taken for granted for too long. Workers deserve the opportunity to have access to retraining when they get laid off or furloughed.

I know from personal experience in the Blackjewel bankruptcy that access to resources offered at Gillette College often makes the difference after job loss. By forming our own college district it will help us through this economic downturn.

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