Tom Murphy

Historically, some of Wyoming’s best governors have been Democrat.

Freudenthal and Sullivan communicated very well with the Republican leaders, both inside and outside the state, and with Republicans they passed good legislation. Exchanging ideas and compromising was the norm. They remembered they were working for all citizens of the state of Wyoming.

That is not the case now. The Republican party is fractured into bright red and red.

The bright red decides who of the elected is truly Republican by their legislative voting records. They compare them to the party platform. They claim there are roughly 30% of the elected who are pure Republican.

For example, if there is a bill concerning the Second Amendment that protects the rights of gun owner but an amendment is attached that has verbiage on mental health that an elected official cannot agree with and votes no, that will diminish his or her red color.

No contact is made during this polling so an explanation by the elected cannot be given of why the vote was cast as a no. The folks doing the counting cannot be contacted because they insist on anonymity.

Other behaviors by the brightest of the red have caused donors to look elsewhere to put their money, resulting in no representation of the voters by precinct committee folks or delegates and a my-way-or-the-highway attitude when it comes to policy within the Party.

I am bright red when it comes to the Wyoming Republican platform.

Technology, however, is advancing at a greyhound’s pace. Issues of privacy, disinformation on social media, artificial intelligence with national security implications, cyber attacks, the role of facial recognition are all real concerns to Wyoming residents.

Working together within the Republican Party and across party lines will be paramount to solving these issues. I intend to do that.

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