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Everyone deserves to get to choose their political party. Others don’t get to decide if someone is Republican enough, the same way people don’t get to decide who is Christian enough.

That’s what being an American is all about — personal freedoms to choose.

The current state of the Republican Party is discouraging lately, as room for anyone who doesn’t fit into a VERY small box gets squeezed. The leadership purports to speak for the party, but knows they are ignoring many, many voices in favor of the ones who echo back their own viewpoint.

Like the others in our delegation, I’ve earned respect in the Legislature as someone who is reasonable and fair, gained the trust of our city and county, supported businesses and citizens in Campbell County and participated in social service and volunteerism in my community for years.

And still, my own party is running opponents against every incumbent in our party, including me, at a critical time for stability and experience.

I think we’re seeing the results of the overbearingness of the GOP leadership across the state as well as locally and I think it can’t last. Positive change is coming.

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