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There are only two approaches to this issue.

The first is to replace the lost revenue stream with more taxes. This approach is not an acceptable. People already feel the pain of our current tax structure. The latest study has shown the average person in Wyoming is already paying 57 cents of every dollar they make on taxes.

Many will argue this point based in the income tax they pay, but when you factor in sales tax, property tax, liquor tax, tobacco tax, licensing fees and everything else it starts to become more clear.

The other way forward is to tighten our belts, cut the fat from the budget and get rid of reckless spending.

I was challenged (recently) on how we could fix roads with the decline. I think $1.5 billion will fix a good deal of our road woes, but instead we are purchasing land from Occidental. Numerous companies have attempted to make money from that property and failed.

This is just one example of where we are spending taxpayer money.

I believe the answer is to simply develop a list of priorities along with a strategic long term budget plan.

Cut the fat from our spending and provide the necessary services. Wyoming is not poor, and this can be accomplished without implementing a food tax, state income tax, corporate income tax, road usage tax, and any other tax we can think of.

It is time to do some real work instead of taking the easy way out and increasing taxes to continue spending in the same manner.

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