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I think there were many flaws in Wyoming’s response to the pandemic.

I agree with the initial response. We needed to protect our citizens until we knew what we were facing. After the initial analysis, we totally headed to left field.

The models used to make decisions were based on large population centers, which led to the unconstitutional shutdown of the economy. This decision was made in a vacuum without much research at all.

This was coupled with horrific reporting of cases and deaths.

In fact, two of the deaths we reported were people living in Colorado and hadn’t been in Wyoming for years. There are numerous other incidents of reporting flaws.

Then you have the state health officer dictating to county health officers their courses of action. These are not elected positions, their role in a situation like this should simply be to advise elected officials. You can delegate decision making and authority, but you can never delegate responsibility.

The devastation to our state economy rests solely with our public servants.

The state received $1.25 billion in CARES Act money. This money was earmarked for small business and taxpayers. My opponent would like to use some of that money to provide broadband on the highways. It is truly disappointing on how little of that money made it to small business and taxpayers.

The easiest way to fix this pandemic is simple: Get rid of the payments and financial assistance for each case and the reporting issues will fix themselves.

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