Bill Fortner

I do not believe in politics. It’s possible to have a party inside of the party without having conflict and friction. The Republican Party has allowed this in the past.

Now they have legislators that are very conservative to very liberal when rated on voting records regarding voting in accordance with the Wyoming Republican platform.

There are 15 the are conservative or very conservative, and then there re 15 moderate Republicans that come close to the 80% requirement but consistently fall short. There re 47% who are liberal or very liberal and very rarely vote in accordance with the Republican Party platform. Most of the time these guys are voting on and trying to pass bills into law most conservative Republicans don’t like or want that goes agains the Constitution and the founding fathers’ principles.

Now, after all this you are going to ask why in the world would that 47% that are liberal want to be in the Republican Party when it is evident they are Democrats?

Well, the facts are very few legislators get elected as Democrats, so they run as Republicans and wine and dine, the whole time being untruthful, dishonest and nontransparent.

This is why I myself do not call Wyoming the reddest state in the nation. We are the most purple state in the nation, the biggest government by nearly twice as the size as the national average. And we here in Wyoming pay the most money in the nation to sustain our government.

None of that was done by conservative Republicans.

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