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The Republican Party in Wyoming and Campbell County is facing some challenges in the future. There are at least three areas that need addressed.

First, not all members are following the platform. There are a variety of planks that define the platform or, in other words, what Republicans believe in. We currently have numerous legislators who simply do not follow it and their voting records show it. In fact, some were registered Democrats and couldn’t get elected, so they just changed to Republican Party.

If you look at a sampling of 10 bills on WyoRino, you will see my opponent voted 0% in line with the Republican platform. This just dilutes the brand on what Republicans stand for.

Second, there is a subgroup in the party that wants to defend the same elected officials and candidates who do not follow the platform, which has led to a lot of pressure in the party.

In fact, at the last state convention, a lawyer and part of this group started a fist fight over his disagreements with a more conservative candidate. This same group claims to want civil discourse and inclusiveness.

Third, at least one of the state’s county parties violated the established rules to elect delegates to the state convention. They put ballot boxes outside around Casper and let people vote in a drive-by fashion. This violated the chain of custody on the entire election, making the selection of delegates invalid, but they still pushed the issue due to COVID-19.

The party must find a way to ensure that the members follow the platform or the brand becomes watered down.

You really have to ask yourself the question: Are people running as Republicans because they believe in a conservative platform or because that’s the only way they will get elected?

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