Bill Fortner q2

For the state of Wyoming to survive it will have to cut government 50% across the board, and there are some places they can cut 75% while there are places that will have to be totally eliminated.

By doing this it will free up tax dollars we not longer have and allow us to be sustainable.

The state needs to get into the $28 billion it has in its savings and investments and buy back all public employees’ retirement and pension plans to alleviate the burden to the state and its citizens in the case of bankruptcy.

With that being done, then remove property taxes in Wyoming. There should be no person in Wyoming living in fear of being destitute by not having money to pay property taxes and personal property taxes.

By implementing these steps we will be better positioned for industry and diversification.

As far as services, we will not have the luxury the we have enjoyed for the last 50 years. Government is obligated to provide critical infrastructure, and that is all.

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