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We have been here before and thanks to the foresight of past elected officials we have prepared for it.

It is estimated the shortfall in the next biennium will be $1.5 billion. No one wants to raise taxes, and having been an elected to one of the best cities in the state, the Gillette City Council always asked our representatives in Cheyenne to define what constitutes a “rainy day.” We may have reached that threshold.

During the last 10 years, the private sector has learned to become much more efficient with its resources to remain profitable. Technology has helped with that efficiency, but rethinking how and when work is done, the 2016 election reducing regulation and a world demand for energy has helped. The state may have to put on a hiring freeze to force that same efficiency within the ranks of its employees.

The other gorilla in the room is the amount of money spent on education. Obviously, there has to be cuts, but with K-12 it must be done at the school district level. It is in the trenches with the people doing the work who know best what they can do without and still maintain the ability to give our children the skills they will need to be successful adults.

University of Wyoming should be given the same reduction goals as a percentage.

Increasing efficiencies within government and education, cutting nonessential services and supplementing the deficit with the rainy day account are some solutions from someone outside looking in.

Thankfully, we have folks who have served our best interests in Cheyenne for many years. Mr. Hallinan and Mr. Von Flatern have very valuable institutional knowledge that I will be dependent upon when serving this community.

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