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As I stated in my announcement interview with the Gillette News Record, I believe the Republican Party is somewhat torn in Campbell County. This “tear” is a result of Wyoming being a one-party state and Campbell County a one-party county.

I am pleased that I live in a part of the country where the majority of the people think like I do, that being a desire for the things listed in the Republican Party platform — conservative things like small and fiscally responsible government, liberty for individuals that comes with personal responsibility (in other words, the government stays out of your business) and a respect for life and the family values that have made America the greatest nation in human history.

Unfortunately, the few people who prefer a more moderate or liberal point of view have no party to represent them and far too often those people are more interested in serving in government office than the rest of us.

That has led to many moderates and liberals who disagree with some planks of the Republican platform changing the Republican Party so that they can have a say in our political process.

That in turn has led to several politicians representing themselves as Republicans while actually governing as moderates or liberals. That frustrated the grass-roots public who far too often believe that if there is an “R” by their name, they think like we do.

This is the crux of the tear in the Republican Party in Wyoming.

There is no easy answer for this dilemma other than voters doing more research into the “Republicans” they vote for. Should they fail to do so, we should not be surprised that the state continues to become more and more left leaning in its governance.

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