I love all the seasons. Each one has something to offer and reflect on. Nature has so much to teach us.

Autumn is often associated with changes; the leaves change color and animals prepare for winter. While nature makes all these shifts, take a moment to notice some of your own.

Change can be so scary for us, yet, change is really the only constant thing in our lives. The seasons constantly change, never holding back and never rushing into the next. Our bodies, minds, emotions and surroundings are always developing and changing.

Fall might be my favorite season, despite the short days.

I looked out the window into my garden, empty, full of dirt and some random compost scraps and coffee grounds. It was depressing. The sun was nearly set and the sliver of the moon peaked up over the neighbor's house. I was cooking dinner at 5:30 p.m. in complete darkness.

But the next morning, I sat on my back steps sipping coffee still looking at that bare garden, underneath a warm sun. It was lovely. Deep breaths of crisp, cold air in and warm air leaving. I realized then I had to shift my intention by paying attention. Taking a few minutes to soak up the sun during the day was enough to shift my attitude.

Victor Hugo once wrote, “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”

The nights seem so long, but without darkness there would be no light, a good reason to celebrate both.

The fall makes me appreciate that warm sun in a different way.

During this time of transition between summer and winter the attention turns inward to reflect on projects or friendships that were started earlier in the year. It’s a time to celebrate a harvest, whether that is a physical garden harvest or your own personal accomplishments.

Fall is a good reminder that every ending is simply a new opportunity to grow.

When I sit looking out over my garden, I don’t see emptiness, I see possibility. But the promise of new growth takes patience and there is a reason it is a virtue.

For me, the summer was full of play dates, new friendships, playing outside all day long, a new job and adventures. A few of those, I realize now, have faded with the long days. I've begun to let go of the things that haven't worked for me, just like the trees drop their leaves.

My nights are no longer spent outside running barefoot in the grass; instead, I spend it cuddling with my family on the couch.

Fall is about revelation and true colors. It teaches us that true beauty can only be achieved when all masks have been stripped away to reveal the truth of what’s inside. When we ooh and aah, when cars pull over and Instagram feeds are full of beautiful colors, when we finally stare in wonder — nature lets it all go.

Fall is all about grand finales.

New growth isn’t possible until you’ve cleared out the old, made space and waited — through the cold, the bareness and patiently for the warmth with a desire to begin again.

Use this time to go outside, notice the changes in nature and yourself. Celebrate in reflection or by dancing barefoot or by raising a glass for a toast. Whatever you choose to do, appreciate the abundance of this year’s harvest and acknowledge what you might need during this time of transition between light and darkness.

Here’s to beautiful falls, a time for reflection, balance and gratitude.

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