A full harvest moon will make a rare Friday the 13th appearance this week.

A micromoon will happen Friday, something that happens when a full or new moon coincides with apogee, or the point in the moon’s orbit that is furthest away from Earth.

From Thursday night to Saturday, “it will appear that we will have three full moons,” said retired astronomy instructor Nello Williams.

“The moon will appear 14 degrees dimmer,” he said. “You will notice that the moon is going to be a little dimmer than normal and that is due to the distance. It makes it kind of unique situation in terms of its alignment.”

On Friday, the moon also will rise 52 minutes earlier than Thursday and Saturday.

The next micromoon may happen in 2020, but another September Friday the 13th won’t happen again until 2049, Williams said.

“We encourage everybody to watch the full moon for the next three nights,” he said.

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