After back-to-back nights of meetings and public input from concerned employees, the Campbell County Health hospital board of trustees approved a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy aligned with the newly released federal requirements.

Operating within the confines of the federal vaccine mandate requirements, trustees identified the religious exemption as an avenue for employees to possibly keep their jobs while avoiding getting a vaccine.

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Disgusting tyrants. Do not quit, make them fire you and sue them! You can't comply your way out of tyranny...


The religious exemption is bogus. If health care workers don't believe in the science if their profession, perhaps they should seek employment elsewhere.


I'm sure most of the unvaccinated will use the "religious exemption" hypocrisy to get out of getting a vaccine that would help us get out of the pandemic. If they choose this route they should have to pay for their weekly testing and and not be able to use sick leave when they get Covid.


Remember this message when you are unable to receive care at CCMH, you have been warned. Who is John Galt?

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