Campbell County Health CEO Colleen Heeter has been fired.

During a special meeting Thursday night, the hospital board of trustees voted unanimously to remove Heeter from her role as CEO. Jerry Klein, who has been chief operating officer, has been named interim CEO while trustees search for a permanent CEO to lead the organization.

When CCH affiliated with UCHealth last month, Heeter became a UCHealth employee while continuing to lead CCH and answer to the hospital board.

Klein will remain a CCH employee and will not become a UCHealth employee during his time as interim CEO, said Adrian Gerrits, hospital board chairman. The search for a permanent CEO, with the guidance of new affiliate UCHealth, will begin immediately. Finding the next permanent CEO could take six to nine months, or even longer, Gerrits said.

Heeter became a contracted UCHealth employee when the organizations affiliated in September. Although she was a UCHealth employee, she continued to be paid by CCH and answer to its board of trustees. Any severance package will be worked out with UCHealth and paid for by CCH, Gerrits said.

“There’s nothing that led to this other than we just feel like we need a change of leadership and we need to head in a new direction, given the things that have happened in the community and are happening in the community,” Gerrits said.

CCH hired Heeter in 2018 to lead the Powder River Surgery Center. She was appointed to chief operating officer in 2019 and stepped into the top position in July 2020.

As chief operating officer, she lead the CCH response through the cyberattack that crippled the organization in 2019, stepped into the CEO role during the first summer of the COVID-19 pandemic and helped affiliate CCH with UCHealth this summer.

“She led us through some tough times,” said trustee Randy Hite during the meeting. “She did it with strength, she did it with courage and for that I’m greatly appreciative. I wish her the best.”

Continue to check online and in print for more information on the CCH leadership change.

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Severance package? She was just given $65,000+ for loosing millions of dollars!

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