Campbell County Health officials are preparing for the impending federal mandate that will require employees at all long-term care facilities to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, while bracing for the internal fallout that could accompany it.

The Legacy Living and Rehabilitation Center is expected to receive the formal vaccine mandate guidelines and start acting on them sometime in September. Now administrators are concerned that federal vaccine requirements could come for the hospital next.

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If people want to give up their career and quit over a mandate to get a PROVEN safe and effective vaccine then let it be. We could have put this all behind us six months ago if people would have been willing to just wear a stupid face mask while in public. I personally am sick of the people who continue to make an issue out of nothing. No one has turned into a zombie or grown an extra arm because of the vaccine, but a lot of needless death has resulted for those unvaccinated. Get employees at the hospital and Legacy vaccinated you owe this to the community at large. People are dying!

The gardener

What do you mean "proven, safe and effective". That's baloney. For example, Israel has probably the highest vaccination rate in the world, yet the majority of their new covid cases WERE FULLY VACCINATED. Furthermore, some people have had severe reactions to the vaccines. If you and the community at large are afraid, wear a mask and get vaccinated, and stop trying to impose your fear on the rest of us.


Stopping at red lights is supposed to be "proven, safe and effective" too. But sometimes people get rear ended when they stop, so I’m not going to do that anymore. If you are afraid, you can stop but don’t try to impose your fear on me.


Again gardener you have been mislead. The vaccine has been taken by many, many millions of people the vast majority of whom had no side effects, some reported mild side effects for a day or so. There are a very few people who may be allergic and therefore should not take the vaccine. As far as your statement about Israel that is simply not true. It is possible to still get Covid after vaccination but it is uncommon that you will end up in the hospital or dead if you do have a rare breakthrough case. It is because of the lies and misinformation that people are dying if you want that on your conscience go ahead and keep repeating them.

The gardener

Again Ka12, your opinion is not fact, and is misleading. From an article in Beckers Hospital Review: "Of 514 patients in Israel hospitalized with COVID-19 as of Aug. 15, 59 percent were fully vaccinated, according to an Aug. 16 article from Science that cited national data tracked by Israel's largest health management organization". Perhaps your math skills are weak, but 59% is a majority. At least in Israel it's common for those vaccinated to end up in the hospital. As usual, you are so wrong calling facts "lies and misinformation".


Good luck CCMH! I hope you see a mass staff exodus, you can take your tyrannical dictates and stick them where the sun doesn't shine!


Such a dilemma... Get the vaccine or not? I simply decided that because this is a medical issue, I asked several doctors who I know and trust... and everyone of them recommended that I get the vaccine... and so I did.


Gardener why do you continue to post stuff that has been taken out of context as the truth? You only got part of the story right. Try looking at the entire context next time.

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