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ITC has potential to be prominent in CO2 research, breakthroughs

What may have seemed more like science fiction less than a decade ago could soon become science fact.

Solving the planet’s carbon dioxide problem has become one of the most pressing global initiatives, if not also one of the most daunting as scientists and governments contemplate what can appear to be a task so herculean it can’t be done.

Carbontech provides potential solution

Iman Mehdipour of CarbonBuilt walks near infrastructure used to turn waste carbon dioxide emissions into concrete at the Integrated Test Center at the Dry Fork Station power plant north of Gillette last August. CarbonBuilt is one of 10 finalists in the NRG COSIA Carbon XPrize competition in the running for a share of $20 million that could soon be awarded to teams that best demonstrate ways to capture and reuse waste CO2.


Sebastian Peter of team Breathe from Idia, from left, Dry Fork Station plant manager Dennis Thorfinnson and David Erickson of New York-based Dimension Energy and Cornell University tour the Integrated Test Center and the power plant in February 2019.


A small, left, and large test pad at the Integrated Test Center pads as seen from the top of the Dry Fork Station power plant north of Gillette. This also shows the silver ductwork, center, that gives the ITC research access to flue gas from the plant.

Carbontech provides potential solution

TDA Research Inc. senior scientist David Gribble explains the CO2 capture process his company is working through during a site visit to the Integrated Test Center last August.

ITC hand sanitizer

Bottles of hand sanitizer made from waste carbon dioxide emissions on display at the Integrated Test Center last spring.

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