Pride Month at CCPL

The setting sun reflects off of a statue of a young girl reading outside the Campbell County Public Library on Thursday evening. The library is facing criticism over a post to its Facebook page promoting the library’s LGBTQ collection during Pride Month in June.

The Campbell County Public Library is under fire after a post on the library’s Facebook page promoting its LGBTQ collection, and among the suggestions of dealing with it is censoring books.

“June is Pride Month and Rainbow Book Month,” the post reads. “For this month’s Teen Room blog, Sarah writes about few titles you can check out from your library that will connect you with the LGBTQIA+ collection at CCPL.”

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This was a fiasco and was orchestrated from the beginning of the meeting with the way Clem did the invocation. Shelsted stirred up trouble with his ignorant posting to the library page. I'm appalled by the actions of people in the public comment and their sowing of hate and intolerance. Looking at Clem's Facebook page, he is condemning a magician coming to Gillette just because she is Trans. He had to go looking for this info, and does not even know her or her program, but he is assuming a great deal about her because she is LGBTQ. I am afraid for the magician coming to town and the mob that is being incited. If there is this much hate in a church, I really question the validity of that church. There needs to be a clear separation of Church and State, and hateful religious ideas have no part in government. Again and again, people spoken at this meeting about how their religious ideals should dictate how the library and commissioners should behave.


If this meeting happened on Wednesday, how come it didn’t make the Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday’s paper? Only the online version on Saturday, controlling the news?


I continue to be amazed and appalled at the stupidity of certain "religious" groups. Children are not taught to be LGBTQ they are born that way. They commit suicide because they have feelings they have no control over and no support from family and community. We don't need freedom of religion we need freedom FROM religion.

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