Del Shelstad

Campbell County commissioner Del Shelstad poses for a portrait outside of the Campbell County Courthouse on Friday morning. He’s generated some buzz with an outside-the-box proposal on how to pay for a potential community college district around Gillette College without raising taxes overall. A recent letter outlining the plan would dissolve the Campbell County Cemetery District and sell the hospital to a private operator. The mill levies charged for those could be funneled to the college, he said.

Campbell County voters will decide Aug. 17 whether they want Gillette College to become its own community college district. If approved, a board of seven trustees, who will be elected in that special election, will get to set a tax to help fund the district.

Commissioner Del Shelstad has suggested dissolving a couple of special districts and using their mill levies to fund the college. He floated this idea on Facebook earlier this month, and it has been met with criticism from other entities involved.

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Ever if we we're not trying to fund the College District; these two entities and others should be evaluated so the taxpayer doesn't bare the total burden of helping over fund all these various districts. It's up to the Commissioners to balance out these programs and keep the taxpayer in mind. I support this discussion to make it work for the benefit taxpayers.


The money to fund cemeteries and hospitals comes from us all. This above is a shell game, not a solution. Every time a change in funding happens government to private, private to government, from one government entity to another; it ALWAYS costs more no matter what the short sighted politicians say. This sort of thing is only to create numbers that make them look good, not provide actual benefit for the citizens and tax payers. The money still has to come from somewhere, cemeteries, hospitals, law enforcement, roads, etc cease to exist without funds to support them.

Cap'n Bumbleguts

Shouldn't this guy be storming the capitol instead of making critical budget decisions for the community?

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