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A small but growing online theory says Wyoming doesn't exist

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Turn around

A small but growing online community is gaining traction propagating the questioning of Wyoming’s existence. For some, it’s tongue-in-cheek fun, but for others it’s fueled by a genuine belief that Wyoming isn’t a real place.

To live in Wyoming is to face a fundamental existential question: Does the state exist and if not, what does that mean for those who live here?

Much like Shakespeare’s famous rhetorical “to be, or not to be,” residents of an assumed state may exist on an unconscious level. But does that assumption hold when applied to an entire state?

Wyoming deniers

One definition of Wyoming in the online Urban Dictionary says the Cowboy State is a fictional place and that people who try to drive north over the border will find themselves mysteriously transported to Canada, confused and sans clothing.

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This theory makes sense only to people who think the whole wide world revolves around them. If they don't experience it - it must not be.


Nope, there's no Wyoming! Go somewhere else!



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