Energy Sports Complex

Also known as the “Field of Dreams,” the Energy Capital Sports Complex is home to a variety of youth sports and leagues.

The city of Gillette will begin another master plan to help give the city ideas on what it may want to do next at the Energy Sports Capital Complex.

The Gillette City Council agreed to enter into an agreement with Russell Mills Studio for $64,804, which will come from the Optional 1% Sales Tax Fund.

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I would think at this point in time that the city council be a bit more prudent and not spend any more money on the Field of Dreams. We are about to hit an economic crisis and the City council refuses to recognize that fact. Shame on them


Unbelievable, the entire state is going broke and the spendthrifts continue throwing away our money on these pet projects. Who, pray tell, is getting these contracts? Clearly someone is making money off of this...


I agree, not a good time.

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