A local man is accused of multiple counts of sexually assault and abusing two girls in Gillette over several years, and a mother has been charged with promoting prostitution for allegedly setting up her daughter to have sex with him for money.

John Bryon Mills, 44, has pleaded not guilty to five counts of first-degree sexual assault, five counts of second-degree sexual assault, one count of attempted first-degree sexual assault and six counts of third-degree sexual abuse of a minor, all felonies. He also has been charged with four counts of sexual battery and one of battery, all misdemeanors.

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I hope they are both prosecuted the the full extent of the law. Sexual abuse of a child is terrible enough as it is. For a mother to force prostitution on her child is deeply disturbing.


[thumbdown] This family does not need to see this go in the press and out to the public. It is exceptionally difficult for victims of sexual assaults and child sexual abuse to recover from this abuse. Airing all these details in a public newspaper in their community does nothing to help the victims. All it does is give more power to the public to gossip about the details. Stop publishing these details. Let the victims recover fully. They still have to get through a trial that will test them to their limits. You should instead publish the community agencies that help families through these crisis.

Marie Sneed

Yes! You absolutely corrected!

The sexual assaulted individual'sshould not have to go through this tormenting moments!

Does not matter what the victim never be recovered from these moments! The victim (s) may learn a coping mechanism to keep going with their lives, but they never let go from experience(s). In this case, it seems to be one the worst among my case studies. I do not appreciated a mother whose think that she her the right to have humiliated their daughter to be a rugged child!

I am a following of the Judicial System! I hope that the justice justifies the meaning of the ended! Otherwise, the abuse will continuing because there won't be a reliable Justice System to protect a child. This is extremely disturbing moments for the victim's life!

I pray that she has an organization who will help this girl to be protected and help her to live a peaceful and someone really care and love this girl. My heart is chattered!


No! The community needs to know this is happening right in Campbell County and it will not be tolerated!!! The citizens of Gillette need to "gossip" about the sexual assault of these children and attention needs to be given to it happening in our town.

His induction of meth and threatening to take her to Mexico are a form of SEX TRAFFICING! Open your eyes Gillette. It's happening right in front of everyone and is a serious problem. The nation needs to be talking about this more than BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!

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