On Tuesday, the Gillette City Council will discuss a hate crime ordinance that would create penalties for crimes that are committed based on hate, discrimination or bias.

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WHO determines what is hate?

Howie Dewitt

Oh I don't know, maybe ask 48 of the other states that have already passed similar laws?


I worked over 20 hrs in law enforcement. The state I worked in enacted “hate crime” laws in late ‘90’s/early 2000’s. They sound wonderful, however, they only apply to white people. In every instance that I’m aware of where the hate crime designation was used, was already a crime. Adding “hate crime” to the charges made no difference to the ultimate outcome: assault is still assault, breach of peace is still breach of peace hate or not! Wouldn’t assault alone be a hate crime with out being added to the charges? As far as diversity goes, how much more diverse can Gillette get? Who isn’t represented in Gillette? Further, what companies/businesses have not came to Gillette because we don’t have a “hate crime” ordinance?


[thumbdown] bad idea who decides what hate is? This idea is based on ignorance of first amendment rights. We are not the country of hurt feelings.


Stupid! Anti hate crime laws are almost always interpreted to mean only white people are capable of hate. All others races and creeds get a pass.


I know Billy Montgomery personally from having worked with him on the railroad for years. If those stupid, proposed hate crimes were now on the books, then I would be busted for them after telling you exactly what I think of him.


[thumbdown]This is just another way to make it about race. Another feel good law that accomplishes nothing. Who decides what rises to the level of a hate crime? If a crime is committed, can't we just punish the offender for the crime and leave feelings out of it?


Very well put!


'transgender activist pushing to criminalize journalists who refuse to call her by her preferred pronouns'. This from a transgender recent star.

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