About a week after ending its nearly monthlong clampdown on in-person visitation and group activities, the Legacy Living and Rehabilitation Center is entering outbreak protocol again after a positive COVID-19 case was detected in association with the facility Monday.

Campbell County Health would not identify whether it was an employee or resident who tested positive for COVID-19.

The outbreak protocol is handled the same whether it's an employee or resident who tests positive, said Dane Joslyn, CCH spokesperson.

While in outbreak protocol, in-person visitation, group activities and communal dining are all restricted.

The facility must undergo weekly testing without identifying any more positive cases associated with facility residents or employees for two consecutive weeks for the restrictions to be lifted.

The soonest the facility could return to in-person visits is June 8, Joslyn said.

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For everyone who has a loved one at Legacy this is another sad day. We will never get to visit normally and hug our relatives as long as people in this town continue to refuse to get vaccinated.


People in this town don't care about the elderly and the hardships the Legacy residents have endured. They are locked down again because the majority of staff refuse to get vaccinated. These ignorant people scream and yell about their rights to go mask-less and refuse the vaccination while the residents have their basic right to visit with family ripped away. We need to help the residents organize....protest. If you work in a long term care facility...get your shot, or find another job.

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