Beginning Monday, students will be able to pick up school meals at every elementary school in Gillette except Paintbrush.

The Campbell County School District is adding six new meal pick-up locations Monday and now has 13 sites in total.

The meal pick-up locations have seen a steady increase in traffic since the program began March 23. Initially the school district served about 1,500 meals (breakfast and lunch) to nearly 750 students, and the count rose to nearly 2,400 meals last week, said Food Service Manager Bryan Young.

The district added Sunflower Elementary at the start of this week, bringing the total number of locations to seven. The new spots that will be added Monday include Conestoga, Pronghorn, Buffalo Ridge, Wagonwheel, Rawhide, and Lakeview elementary schools.

The meals are served out of a bus in the parking lot to avoid as much personal contact as possible.

While the number of meals has increased by almost 1,000, Young said the school district hasn’t run into any problems with food supply. The size of his orders have increased and he has been in constant contact with his three suppliers (one for milk and two for food and other supplies).

“We’re good on food supply,” he said.

Adding new sites will help with the increased traffic, but the decision to add them had more to do with a few changes that the USDA made, Young said. The changes turned more of the elementary schools into eligible sites and the school district jumped at the chance to cover more students.

“We thought it’d be best to cover more of the town and more of our district,” Young said.

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