A man accused of firing a round near his sister’s head during an argument then arming himself with rifles before police arrived has pleaded guilty to two of three felonies against him and awaits his July sentencing from jail.

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Not that I'm an expert, but this looks like a young man, who is out of control and ready to explode. As I read this, I learned that he has a son, a girlfriend, a stepdad, has already been in jail and has access to a variety of weapons. Having a son and a girlfriend would indicate the possibility of a failed marriage. Having a stepdad also indicates a failed marriage, Having a son, several guns, and a prison record doesn't look too positive either. He might very well be a candidate for a future shooting... possibly at innocent people in a church, in a school, or in a drive by shooting. He needs serious help ASAP!!!!! Do not just scold him and give him a little probation. This is a very serious situation, following time in jail that apparently did not correct his behavior and could be leading to a disaster!!!!!

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