In addition to airing out the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming federal vaccine mandates expected to affect Campbell County Health employees next month, hospital trustees decided to send a formal response to the man in charge himself.

On Thursday, they voted to approve a letter written by trustee Alan Stuber, with the support of the board and legal counsel, addressed to President Joe Biden.

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Really sad that our "community values" don't correspond with doing what is needed to come together as a community. I don't see any community values only my individual "rights" are more important than doing what we can to help the community.

Larry Reilly

"Campbell Country is proudly conservative... (and proud of our ignorance,,)


I can't agree with you more. You took the words right out of my mouth.

Larry Reilly

Meanwhile the deaths continue...

The gardener

The above Socialist dictators are all about control. Their control over you. They demand that you take the vax, although it's not a sure thing, yet when it comes to abortion, it's their body, their choice. You are right, the deaths continue, many of which took the needle. Yes, I'm proudly conservative, but far from your level of ignorance. You can follow what the dictator in the White house demands, but not me.

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