A special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate whether criminal charges should be brought against the Campbell County Public Library for allegedly spreading obscene materials.

Campbell County commissioners approved a resolution for special prosecution at their regular meeting Tuesday morning.

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I don't think anybody cares about your personal opinion, Mitch. But in any event, as the county attorney you sure as he11 shouldn't be giving one on a case involving a city entity. Seems worthy of ethics charges by the bar.


What, pray tell, did you find objectionable in Mitch's response? I think moving the books to the Adult Section is a good compromise, the library doesn't age restrict collections, it's simply a matter of placement. But no, the woke-mob refuses to compromise, hence this scorched earth approach from the other side...this isn't going to end well for any of us, compromise requires both sides to be willing to find common ground...


Next thing you know they will be going after all the pizza restaurants in town because cheese pizza is code word for child pornography, ya know.

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