Denton Knapp

Denton Knapp

Denton Knapp is worried about the direction the country is heading in under President Joe Biden.

In eight months, Biden has rescinded many of the things his predecessor, Donald Trump, did during his term in office, and the country is now starting to see the effects of that.

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There are only two reasons why a person would claim there was massive election fraud in 2020. Either the person is woefully ill-informed on how elections in the United States work, or they are deliberately using a claim they know to be fabricated for personal political gain. Both should disqualify that person from running for office.

Cap'n Bumbleguts

This guy is so off the deep end it's hard to know where to start. Imagine trying to get endorsed by a twice-impeached disgraced former game show host president that tried to overturn an election he clearly lost.


Another Trumpian loser.

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