Louise Carter-King

Mayor Louise Carter-King listens in June 2020 to public comments about the circumstances surrounding the resignation of former councilman Shay Lundvall. She has apologized for "disparaging" and "disrespectful" comments made in texts regarding council members and others.

Gillette Mayor Louise Carter-King has apologized after text messages between her and a former city administrator were released, many of which showed the mayor talking disrespectfully about other council members.

On Dec. 31, the City Council and the city clerk received an email from former city administrator Patrick Davidson, Carter-King said. The email included thousands of text messages between the mayor and Davidson from the end of November 2019 through June 2020.

Current city administrator Hyun Kim said he could confirm that this email did come from Davidson.

In all, 416 pages of the messages were included.

At the City Council meeting Tuesday, Carter-King apologized, saying the texts were “disparaging and disrespectful” to City Council members and other public officials.

“I sincerely apologize for any pain or embarrassment that I have caused to my fellow council members, especially Councilman (Shay) Lundvall,” she said. “And to the other members of the public that I insulted, my responsibility is to represent the best interest of the city of Gillette and this City Council, and I have let you all down. I am truly sorry for my actions.”

Later Tuesday night, an unredacted copy of the texts and screenshots were posted to the city’s website. They were the same texts that Davidson had included in his email to the City Council.

Lundvall said he and Carter-King had “some very stark conversations” after the email. Much of what she said about him was “hurtful,” but “I want this council to know, we are going to move forward,” he said.

“Because I was forgiven, I forgive you,” he told Carter-King.

In June 2020, Lundvall was asked by the rest of the council members to resign from the City Council after it was learned that he had liked a number of sexist and offensive Facebook posts.

He stepped down, but he was reelected to the City Council later in 2020.

Tuesday, Lundvall said the controversy is the work of one person who is trying to ruin what the city has built over the last five months.

“You can still win championships with disagreements,” Lundvall said. “It’s never going to be easy, but I’m confident that this council is going to continue to pull together.”

Davidson was city administrator from December 2017 through February 2021, when the city announced that he was no longer with the city administrator.

No reason was given for his departure.

"What does he want?"

Along with the texts, Davidson provided a two-paragraph explanation. He recently updated his phone and found files "which may be of interest to you," he wrote to the council members. "I think you will find them insightful as they contain her unfiltered thoughts regarding members of the Council and the public.

"You will find a variety of topics such as mocking Tim (Carsrud) and his religious beliefs, implying that Shay (Lundvall) lacks intelligence, that Billy (Montgomery) is a follower that can be manipulated to meet her will, and other interesting beliefs and comments," adding that, "it should be a good read."

The texts end June 28, 2020, and provide no hint as to why Davidson was removed from his job six months later. In the texts, Carter-King frequently compliments him on the job he has done, and that many of her comments about people and events are simply "venting."

It is clear from the texts that Lundvall was not Carter-King's favorite council member long before he "liked" offensive posts Bob Vomhoff of Gillette posted on Facebook in June  2020 mocking a city employee and that could be interpreted as supporting vigilante justice.

For example, on March 27, 2020, as they were dealing with the fast-moving changes of shutting down government offices and businesses as the pandemic hit, Davidson reported that he'd spent almost an hour on the phone with Lundvall.

"What does he want?" Carter-King responded. "Just to be relevant?"

Later, she added that he had been "punished" by having to talk to Lundvall.

On April 8, 2020, they were talking about an ongoing dilemma with fire department funding, a conversation that went on for several minutes.

"Shay called and wants called back too," Davidson told her.

"I have no words of solace for you," she replied.

An hour later, she asked Davidson a question.

"What did Shay want, Drivel?" she asked.

"He wanted to do something nice for cops like buy them coffee," Davidson responded.

Oh lord," Carter-King responded. "Him or city?"

"Him - personal," Davidson replied.

"Tell him city will buy them coffee and take it out of his check," she replied.

Later that night after a contentious fire department meeting in which Carter-King criticized Lundvall's comments, she texted that "Shay is such a bumbling idiot."

The next morning, she added that "Shay is such a blathering baffoon. He is so scared of losing the fire department vote I guess."

Other council members also were criticized but not as frequently.

The "disparaging" and "disrespectful" comments weren't limited to the City Council. Carter-King's ire also was directed at other current and former public officials, including county commissioners, agency directors, appointed public officials and even attorneys and private citizens.

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I went to the area that shared a wide variety of texts to and from our esteemed mayor. Oh my... She calls a wide variety of local community members a host of insulting names, questions their intelligence, and curses far more than I would have expected from anyone in such a position. I would strongly suggest that everyone go to that site and read all of the texts. She insults a wide variety of local community leaders, doctors, attorneys, educators, and yes members of city and county government. I actually felt sorry for her when a loud vocal group was calling for her resignation, this past summer and fall... but now I have to agree. We need someone with intelligence and integrity in the Mayor's Office, and I no longer believe that she qualifies. Time for a new mayor.


Anyone that wishes to judge the Mayor should release copies of all their texts, emails and web browsing history to insure that hypocrisy isn’t running rampant.

Oil Field Trash

Just like Hunters emails of course


She should resign, it's obvious she can't be trusted.

Oil Field Trash

CLM Chicken Lives Matter - Louis Carter-King


She’s so arrogant. Why does she presume that she is so much smarter than everyone? She called Alex Aires and idiot. I do not know mr Aires but I have met and spoken with him and I assure you he is not an idiot. Basically if you don’t prescribe to her way of thinking you must be stupid.


Typical liberal, why wasn’t she forced to resign? Shay “liked” some facebook posts, and the mayor and council forced him to resign, for “likes”! The mayor is just flat nasty and mean, but that’s ok, because I am holier than though.

King needs to go, NOW!


She should resign. It just shows what she really thinks. Really shows her true colors.


No one should make disparaging remarks about their fellow citizens or co-workers, but let me ask all you people who are coming down on the mayor so hard this...Why is this so terrible and yet you all don't see the damage that Trump did by doing exactly the same thing? She apologized which is more than Trump did.

Oil Field Trash

Typical Lib, your TDS shines bright


Observation of a typical idiot.

Cap'n Bumbleguts

What's deranged about calling out the guy who tried to overturn an election so he could install himself dictator?


Don't muddy the water with any of your Trump issues. I think we should focus on the mayor of our city and her very poor choices, which included name calling, using the "F" word on multiple texts, and insulting a wide variety of our community leaders. This type of behavior should not be tolerated. Her best course of action would be to resign and if not, this community needs to get rid of her immediately!!!


Sorry you don't like muddy waters. You should have spoken up all the times Trump did exactly the same thing instead of allowing it to become normalized.


It is difficult to be mayor. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone wants to force the closest elected official to endure it in excruciating detail. Many politicians react to annoyance by creating graft. Gillette's mayor reacted with verbal/language reaction in opposition to the cacaphony. Its seems that your now ex-mayor was short on froofy but long on honest. There is value in that; don't let it go unnoticed.


Long in honest? Conspiring to keep council dealings outside the public view doesn’t seem an example of honesty to me.

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