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A line forms during the Campbell County Public Library Board meeting Monday afternoon to give public comment leading up to the board's 4-1 vote to disassociate the library from the American Library Association.

The Campbell County Public Library board voted to not spend any public dollars for memberships with the American Library Association or any membership organizations.

The library board passed a motion saying the Campbell County Public Library is to “no longer have association, nor be associated with the American Library Association” or its affiliate organizations or subdivisions.

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Todd H

Sounds to me like this board has become its own little dictatorship of their personal beliefs/agendas. I really feel for the employees who are trying their best to do their jobs but just keep having resources pulled from them. Where exactly would the board like the employees to go for additional training or networking when they cannot attend the majority of the events because of who is sponsoring them?

3rd generation

I agree with your statement


Not being allowed to be a member of the Wyoming Library Association has more repercussions than Staff not being able to attend quality training (which is bad enough). It affects our kids in not being able to participate in some statewide events. I am not sure what else but it didn't seem like the Board knew all the repercussions either, which should have been researched before a decision was made.

3rd generation

This is sure a sad state of affairs for our PUBLIC library


It’s a win for our culture! Thank you library board for standing in the gap.


This is embarrassing for our community. Four of our current Library Board members are enacting the wants and wishes of Mass Resistance which is a nationally recognized hate group. If you visit their website, you will see the playbook our Library Board members are using. Campbell County is the only county in Wyoming to show affiliation. We should be better than this.

Marie Sneed

Your comments is recognized. Yes! It is embarrassed to read about the Board of the Public Library not known how to communicate in a level that bring understand what are the issues of a Group of individuals to bring compromising with all the People of a Community as Campbell County. We truly need come to a terms on this thinkingbprocess of attitude!


Please NewsRecord - contact the Librarians and write a story outlining EVERYTHING that is lost by disassociating with the WLA. As someone stated above there is a lot more than staff development (which is awful too). I am certain the majority of this board did absolutely no research into the fallout of no WLA. How embarrassing and Gillette can absolutely do better.


During Board Comments, Ms Lyon spoke about how she needs to be given a chance on the Library board and how she is trying to do what is best but is "still learning". Maam, if you are still learning then I would have had so much more respect for you if you had agreed with Mr Anderson to table the idea of withdrawing from the ALA so you could do more research. IF you want a chance and are still learning, steamrolling the entire board policy in one night, isn't going to win you any supporters - no matter how much you whine.


A quote from an article you should read: “Dr. James Luther Adams, my ethics professor at Harvard Divinity School, told his students that when we were his age — he was then close to 80 — we would all be fighting the Christian fascists. The warning was given 40 years ago.” The prophetic article from 2007 can be found at


This just goes to show that reading the same book (Bible) over and over and over again doesn't make you any smarter. News Record maybe you should have mentioned that our horrible, depraved library won the BEST LIBRARY IN THE STATE award at the recent WLA convention.

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