Nearly 250 students in Campbell County have signed a petition asking for the resignation of school board trustee Linda Bricker.

Several community members spoke to the board and a packed room at a Campbell County School District board meeting Tuesday night, some in support of Bricker and others asking her to resign.

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Joe Hauck

Forgiveness is a lesson our schools need to promote


Shame on the School Board for enabling this kangaroo court in the first place! Get ready folks, the thought police will come for us all if you all this to happen...


*allow this to happen


Just as much as those kids are entitled to there opinion ( and we listen and have built classes for them ) so is Linda to hear freedom to speak as she wants. How would those kids feel if we asked to remove them from our school ? Because of life choices they choose. We’d never hear the end of it. Linda apologized so forgive and move on. That’s the problem tho some of them don’t know what forgiveness even is.

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