The Boys & Girls Club of Campbell County has shut its doors for the remainder of the week after a club employee tested positive for COVID-19.

No other employees are in quarantine, said Executive Director Nathan Grotrian.

The club found out about the positive case Tuesday and after speaking with its board, Campbell County Public Health and Campbell County Health officials, the decision was made to shut for the rest of the week to members and employees, he said. 

It is unknown who the infected employee may have come in contact with or how long any contact may have been. People who are in close contact with someone who tested positive need to quarantine for 10 days, said Campbell County Public Health Executive Director Jane Glaser.

The Boys & Girls Club averages 120-130 kids a day and has close to 256 active members.

“Trying to make decisions that are both going to help our staff and our members are our No. 1 priority,” Grotrian said, adding that on Friday he will let people know whether the club will remain closed next week or re-open.

Either way, employees will need to have a negative COVID-19 test before going back to work, Grotrian said. 

It is unknown if the positive case at the Boys & Girls Club is related to the delta variant, which is highly contagious and spreads faster than prior variants, Glasser said, adding that of the 20 recently reported COVID cases, 14 were related to the delta variant.

The rising number of COVID cases can be attributed to the delta variant and low vaccination rates, according to the Wyoming Department of Health. 

“That is a very big increase,” Glasser said. “As a whole, this is a concern as far as we want to try and increase our vaccination rates to try and protect those kids that can’t be vaccinated or other people who can’t be vaccinated. We need to focus community wide on what we can do to help protect against the spread.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, there have been 4,818 lab-confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in Campbell County since March 2020, according to the Wyoming Department of Health.

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