Pronghorn Industrial Park

Campbell County commissioner Rusty Bell stands within the future site of the Pronghorn Industrial Park east of Cam-plex on Saturday morning. After two unsuccessful attempts at getting grant funding for the Pronghorn Industrial Park, it will soon apply for American Rescue Plan money for the $12 million project.

Campbell County officials are disappointed that there seems to be no guidance from the state level as far as what’s next for Wyoming.

Commissioner Rusty Bell said that while the fossil fuel industry continues to decline, there hasn’t been any leadership or direction from the state when it comes to transitioning away from thermal coal.

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Yes we do need state leadership to make the most of the federal money that President Biden has made available to transition fossil fuel dependent economies into the future. It's just unfortunate for all of us that state leaders are bogged down in Trumpism and their idiotic assessment that using this money amounts to "socialism". You all should have been looking forward years ago, please do so now before it is too late.


This is what happens when the party in control is defined by what it is against instead of what it is for. It’s not hard to imagine the local tRumpian response if the Biden or Gordon administration proposed siting a wind turbine or solar panel factory in Gillette. After all, isn’t central planning a feature of Marxist governments Mr. Schofield? What happened to our market economy, in which such decisions are made by small businesses and consumers? Fact is: socialist governments serve the people and fascist governments serve big business. The title of this article should be “Please Sir, A Little More Marxist Fascism” before the socialist baby eaters in DC take away the money.

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