Gillette residents in support of former city councilman Shay Lundvall made their their third straight vocal visit to Gillette City Hall on Tuesday, many reiterating demands for Mayor Louise Carter-King and the rest of the council to resign.

Lundvall's supporters say they feel he was coerced to resign June 10 and have been protesting the mayor and council since, urging them to apologize and/or resign. Lundvall resigned at the urging of the mayor and council after he had liked some potentially offensive and racist social media posts.

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Mayor Carter-King, kudos to you for your graciousness in allowing a citizen to run overtime to finish his remarks when he was directly criticizing you.

There were a number of wonderful patriotic public comments which can be seen at:


Who is in charge of determining what is acceptable and what is not? Who do we go to to determine if we should be censored? Is there a office at city hall to contact for censorship?

mayor king, RESIGN!


Try using some common sense and respect then you will know what is appropriate to say and comment on social media.




Mayor RESIGN!!!!


Would we have all this commotion if it was Mr. Mayor Carter-King?

No one cared when it was a woman being stoned by the same City Council members (including Shay Lundvall) AND all the County Commissioners, violating her right to freedom of expression. But when a man (an honored home-town athlete) was stoned, look what happened.


Maybe you should not try to defend a corrupt politician by making arguments that suit your neo liberal agenda king isn't an ally of the citizens and neither are you if supporting abuse of power is ok with you simply because it was justified by lundvall's committing the heinous act of free speech


Rezident! Not resident, justmyopion!

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