A judge has rejected a plea agreement that would have resulted in a suspended sentence in a case where a man repeatedly tried to solicit women for sex.

Instead, District Judge Stuart S. Healy III sentenced Gilberto Zaragoza, 44, to prison for two to three years.

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The gardener

Obviously the Commissioners selected the wrong person to be our county attorney. I congratulate Judge Healy for overruling liberal county attorney Damsky. I think Damsky can't get over his former role as a Public Defender.


I agree, why put a defense attorney into the States Attorney position? A plea bargain involving sexual abuse against minors, by a sex offender that has failed to register, and has numerous prior sex related felonies! Makes sense, how about no bail releases on all felony offenses? Time for a real man/woman for that position!


I am in total agreement regarding the inappropriateness of the plea bargain offered to this man but no bail releases on all felony offenses - What happened to innocent until proven guilty? It makes no difference who holds the State Attorney position if the fundamental foundation of our judicial system isn't honored.


Everybody is innocent until proven guilty. Having to pay bail/bond for release until hearings or trial is a pretty good way of keeping criminals in tow.

I worked 20+ years in law enforcement, I think the best penal system I’ve seen/studied was/is the Turkish system. In that system the State provides the buildings and guards, the convicts family has to provide EVERYTHING else! They have very few repeat offenders, and the longest serving criminal is like 7 years before the family quits bring food and water. Their system works quite well.

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