Airport shuttle

One of three vans Campbell County bought in 2015 to bring people to and from the airport. The shuttle service never materialized, and now the county is contemplating selling two of the vehicles.

In light of a projected decrease in revenues in the next few years, Campbell County Commissioners are looking for ways to reduce their budget.

One of the areas it’s looking at is the county fleet. In particular, there are a couple of shuttle vans that could be the first to go, said Tony Langone, the county’s fleet manager.

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good idea.


...yet another example of gov't waste. This is the exact type of thing people like me point to when we say there's plenty of room in the budget to cut spending without a "revenue counterbalance" (i.e. tax hike). Wants vs needs...


Yes Jill, we certainly should not have public transportation in Gillette. Especially for the Seniors who can't drive any longer, or disabled people in wheelchairs. I've heard from several seniors that they have difficulty scheduling transportation because there are not enough vans, so let's get rid of one more.

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