City Pool

The City Pool, which is popular with people because it's outdoors and beause it's free, has had to shut down indefinitely for repairs.

The City Pool is closed indefinitely and there is a possibility it will be closed the rest of the summer.

The city of Gillette, which has dealt with leaks near the diving board in the past, learned of a leak Wednesday night that has damaged a 3-inch irrigation line.

The leak has nothing to do with recent vandalism at the City Pool, said city spokesperson Geno Palazzari.

The city has known of leak issues at the decades-old facility, which is why it is considering a study the city hopes to start this summer to address settlement and underground piping issues.

If the leaks were easy to repair the city would have fixed them already, Palazzari said.

One of the underground pipes for the pool began leaking down the hillside and damaged an irrigation pipe and caused more erosion on the hillside. An electrical conduit was also exposed. Until those items can be repaired and buried safely, we cannot turn on the pumps for the pool, Palazarri said.

"We hope to have the pool back up and running sometime next week, but it may take longer depending on the extent of the hole that caused the initial leak," he added. "We will update everyone as soon as we know more."

The Campbell County School District is working with the city on the irrigation line that runs on Twin Spruce Junior High School property by the football field near the pool.

While the leak isn't a difficult fix, the damage it did to the pool facility is another story.

“It should be up and running before the weekend,” said Sean Mathes, CCSD assistant supervisor of buildings and grounds, about the leaky line. “It’s not a big deal. These things happen.”

Once school district irrigation specialists patch up the irrigation line with glue, the city will attempt to stabilize the slope from the pool to try and ensure that water doesn’t run onto the junior high property.

“Hopefully, we can patch this one up so we can open up the pool and continue to use it this summer,” Palazzari said.

The city will have a better idea on how long the pool will be closed in the coming days.

If the city can’t take care of it safely or quickly, “We may have to shut it down," he said.

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