A Sage Valley Junior High student brought two handguns and 36 rounds of ammunition to school Tuesday morning and threatened to shoot a specific student and specific staff members, prompting a 90-minute lockdown, said Gillette Police Chief Jim Hloucal.

The student, 14, is in custody at the Campbell County jail, Hloucal said during a Tuesday afternoon press conference. There were no acts of violence committed and no one was hurt.

The student was carrying a 40-caliber handgun and had a 9mm handgun in his locker when another student heard him making threats at the beginning of the school day, Hloucal said. That other student told staff at about 8 a.m. Staff subsequently called police and contained the student.

“This is a classic case where someone had information that was concerning and did the right thing by reporting to law enforcement and staff right away,” Hloucal said.

Police and staff decided to lock down the school as a precautionary measure and to assist officers in conducting an investigation. During the lockdown, students sheltered in place in their classrooms and no one was allowed in the hallways, said Alex Ayers, superintendent of schools for the Campbell County School District.

Police are investigating the incident and will work with the Campbell County Attorney's Office in the coming few days to determine charges for the student, Hloucal said.

Messages and notifications went out to parents at the start and end of the lockdown.

After the lockdown, parents were able to take their children home from school, if they wanted. Although there is no ongoing threat to the community, Hloucal said police will have additional officers at the schools on Wednesday as a precautionary measure.

See Wednesday’s News Record for more on this story.

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The kid that made the report deserves a commendation- doing the right thing immediately like that makes him a hero.

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