Before the chicken or the egg, there must first be an ordinance.

Despite multiple attempts to allow chickens within Gillette city limits having been rejected in the past, the City Council may be hatching a plan to change that, or at least come to a compromise with local coop crusaders.

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Why can't those people who want to grow chickens, simply move out of the city limits? If approved, what's next... pigs, cows, horses??? As a resident of the city of Gillette, I do not want to put up with any farm animals anywhere near me. I don't want the noise, the smell... none of it. There is a reason for areas designated as "county" and "city". We already have enough things that either aren't being enforced and/or can't be enforced within our city, we don't need more. Please consider the small group of people vs. the much larger "city residents". No Chickens Please!!!


I'm onboard with justmyopinion on this topic. Highlighting the noise and the smells. If you think your neighbor's barking dog or the cat wailing on the front porch in the middle of the night are bad, just wait until you have chickens next door. Moreover: Gillette has no reason or need to become "a survivalist compound" or "a mirror image of a 3rd World shanty town."


Citizens bawking at chickens... I know, I know, it's balking! Couldn't resist. [beam]

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