Seven new COVID-19 deaths were recorded in Campbell County on Tuesday, the highest single-day count in the county since the pandemic began.

The Campbell County deaths were included as part of 33 newly recorded COVID-19 deaths statewide.

There have now been 45 virus-deaths in Campbell County and 522 from COVID-19 throughout Wyoming, according to the Wyoming Department of Health.

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All seven of the deaths happened in December, two of which involved residents at a local long-term care facility, a Wyoming Department of Health press release said.

The other five deaths involved people who were hospitalized, two of whom were out-of-state, the press release said.

Here are the latest COVID-19 statistics:


  • Number of new confirmed cases: 20
  • Number of probables: 418
  • Number of confirmed cases in last seven days: 103
  • Confirmed total since pandemic began: 3,981
  • Number of active cases: 95
  • Recoveries: 4,240
  • Recoveries in past seven days: 111
  • New deaths: 7
  • Overall deaths: 45
  • Hospitalizations today: 8


  • Number of new confirmed cases: 562
  • Number of probables: 6,956
  • Number of confirmed cases in last seven days: 2,162
  • Total confirmed since pandemic began: 41,116
  • Number of active cases: 2,327
  • New deaths: 33
  • Overall deaths: 522
  • Hospitalizations today: 106


Laramie: 6,447 (1,135)

Natrona: 5,252 (1,641)

Campbell: 3,981 (418)

Fremont: 3,631 (574)

Albany: 3,299 (335)

Sweetwater: 3,087 (123)

Sheridan: 2,201 (511)

Weston: 516 (85)

Crook: 366 (31)

Johnson: 347 (217)

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