Three Campbell County Commissioners have been criticized for not signing a petition. 

In December, Jacob Dalby wrote a petition opposing mask mandates, mandatory vaccination, quarantines, curfews and restricted capacity on businesses. The petition also advocates for “hospitals and senior homes to open back up for family members to see their loved ones.”

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I wholly support Commissioners Reardon, Bell and Maul. Mr. Dalby obviously has no grasp of the "common good" that is essential to our American way of life. His obsession is simply with himself. This self centered lack of concern for his fellow citizens whether they be elderly, disabled or otherwise health compromised is a plague on our community, our state and our nation.


Thank You. Plain and simple you have a grasp on reality where as Mr. Dalby does not. Or any one else that signed this petition for that matter.

Does he happen to know anyone personally that has lost their life to this illness? I do. You have the right to not wear a mask but please stay at home away from the rest of us that are taking a simple and minimally invasive precaution to possibly protect ourselves and others from a potentially lethal virus.


If you are so scared of the Corona virus, please by all means, stay locked up in your house. Just let us live our own lives!


Mr Dalby is right, more of our rights will taken away in the near future, watch and see!! And I agree with, YOU wear your mask and YOU stay locked up in your house, let the rest of us live OUR own lives.


Why can't the people in this community understand that wearing a mask for a while until everyone can get vaccinated will help restaurants and bars to open up to full capacity and visitation resume at the Legacy? Your ignorance and selfishness is causing the the problem. We've just seen what happens when actual sheep irresponsibly exercise their rights. I commend the commissioners for standing up and not signing the petition. The other two should be ashamed.


Wearing a mask is simply a way of helping the situation until we all get through this. Unfortunately, here in Wyoming, we have that certain group of people who have that..."They ain't gonna tell me what to do" attitude. If everyone would simply join in and do what they can for the good of everyone, perhaps we could get through this as quickly as possible. We want our small businesses open and prospering. And... if any of you know Jacob Dalby, you know that he doesn't have enough sense to come in out of the rain, because "They ain't gonna tell me what to do".


Thank you Commissioners for supporting the masks. I am glad that you understand science facts. I feel responsible for my neighbor's to do what I can to not spread the virus and will get vaccinated as soon as possible. I appreciate the caring people who do wear a mask. I don't know when personal rights became more important than trying to keep business open and get our community healthy. Thanks again.

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