A continued upward trend in new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Wyoming has prompted Gov. Mark Gordon to extend existing public health orders through at least Aug. 15.

With the state passing the 2,000-case mark this past week and a growth in active virus cases, restrictions on state businesses and public gatherings will remain, he said during a Tuesday afternoon briefing.

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Interesting (and odd) that college is such a major interest for Campbell County and Wyoming. Now, when college loans (and educations) have been outed for the fraud they are (nationwide, by multiple presidential candidates and by President Trump ), doesn't it seem odd that we would spend County money on colleges or CARES money subsidizing college tuition?


Oh and just how many are coming into wyoming from their main homes.


"Required" degrees have been waived in employment choices for city, county, and state jobs. I think it is that way everywhere. They continue to make people believe that paying for a college degree will elevate their monetary and social status, when cronyism and maybe nepotism play great roles than meeting the stated requirements in a job posting. Business 101 tells you success is all about "networking." and making connections. aka It's always who you know. Your great-grandparents told you that, right?


Yes an uneducated work force will be very helpful in transitioning our economy from coal to other businesses and new technologies. Can't wait to see how our economy fares when we can't attract new businesses to Wyoming because our work force is not trained to do anything more useful than driving a haul truck. You might not need a four year degree to get a good job but a community college or trade and technical school education is required. I for one owe a lot to my education at Gillette college.


That explains a lot.


College didn't become mainstream until the seventies, I believe. As I understand it, before that only rich people could send their kids to college. What an amazing country we became with all those uneducated citizens working, leading, and succeeding.


Jobs have changed a lot since the seventies and they are still evolving at a rapid pace. I guess if we don't want to educate our children we can see how if feels to be left in the dust by countries like China, Germany, Sweden, and Korea when it comes to innovation, science, medicine, and technology. But then how important are those things in reality as compared to working at Walmart, McDonalds, or fading industries?

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