Signs posted on the locked sliding doors of two of the expansive Gillette Walmart store’s main entrances redirect customers to the north end of the building.

A white pop-up tent outside of the market entrance guided disoriented shoppers to the only way into the store. Under the tent and protected by the shade, a store employee, her face covered, stood guard next to a shopping cart full of various face masks for sale.

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Being in Walmart or any local store has never been like being packed in a place like sardines, but school classrooms pack students and adults in close quarters. If stores are requiring masks for public safety, why is the school district not?


Nice to see that corporate america is keeping us safe by dictating what articles of clothing we have to wear to be in their store it's not like i was a big fan of basic human freedom anyway atleast I can still enjoy American past times like race wars and arson but heaven forbid I go buy some vaseline and condons without a mask raising the co2 content in my blood


It is about time stores require masks, unfortunately some are choosing not to enforce their own rule. Thank you to the people who understand the reason for wearing masks and are complying. To those who don't want to wear masks yes please shop elsewhere or stay home. If everyone would wear a mask this would be under control in a matter of weeks. if it gets worse you can bet that there will be another national shutdown. It won't kill anyone to wear a mask for half an hour while shopping, it could kill someone if you don't.

Marie Sneed

It seems to me that most people from Wyoming needs more help from the Department of Health and Human Services. People needs to know more about COVID-19. Many people live in the country without access to TV or Newspaper to know how many people has been dead due to this various!

I am hoping that people learn how this virus can be so that they accept to protected self!

It is important for the piece of mind to those people who are not understanding these rules are not to take away anybody freedoms. It is a precaution to anyone health problems!

Resistance sometimes creates problems to those who are not cooperating compliance. I have learn from young age that not everything can be "Freedom"

I have learned Code of conduct written by companies I have had worked and working. I do not have any problem with these Codes because it are in compliance with state Rules & Regulations.

My parents said to all of us in the family that we need to paying attention about all those rules in our lives, and it started how to obey the law. I think that my parents were wise by teaching all our brothers and sisters how to know social norms. Hua hua! Have a good day! Be safe & healthy

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