A man who tried to hit his girlfriend in the head with a 36-inch pipe wrench pleaded guilty Friday to aggravated assault and battery and family violence battery.

Trevor Graygrass, 30, hung his head repeatedly during his arraignment, admitting that he was angered by his girlfriend’s recent contact with her ex-husband and acted violently.

But he also said that he remembered only parts of the beatings the night of Oct. 18 that happened at three locations in Campbell County. He admitted to being under the influence of drugs and four or five of the bottles of Corona they’d picked up while driving around doing errands with their then 2-week-old son, who Graygrass affectionately referred to as “Junior” during the hearing.

The baby slept through most of the hearing in his child carrier at the foot of his mother.

Graygrass said he’d been drinking all day and abusing drugs.

“I’ve been doing every drug under the sun and hiding it from everyone,” he said.

His version of events differed slightly from those given by his girlfriend to deputies in the days after the beating. He remembered punching her, he remembered stopping the pickup and getting in his toolbox to get the pipe wrench, he remembered threatening her with it. And he remembered swinging it and hitting the top of his pickup instead, denting it.

Under questioning from District Judge Michael N. “Nick” Deegan, Graygrass said he remembered using his right shoulder to shove her out of the pickup, where she fell to the ground, and he remembered her begging him to stop punching and kicking her.

Through tears, he said also remembered the look on her face, in her eyes and the condition of her face.

“Her face was destroyed,” Graygrass said.

When the woman sought medical help the next day, doctors reported a myriad of issues. She had injuries all over her arms, back and head, including an “extremely swollen” face and her right eye was swollen shut, according to the affidavit. She had two bite marks on her arm, bruises all over her right arm and scratches all over. A CT scan showed nasal fractures.

She told deputies that on one of the stops they’d made, she’d gotten out to take care of the baby, who was crying, and ended up in the backseat. Graygrass leaned his seat back and began punching her, according to an affidavit of probable cause. Blood streamed from her face and she felt her face beginning to swell.

They left the area near Home2Suites and drove on, this time stopping on a gravel road off Highway 51, where she said she deflected the blow from the pipe wrench with her hand. He’d threatened to break her legs with it before swinging it at her head, according to the affidavit.

They drove some more until they hit Coal Train Road, where he opened the door and shoved her out. She’d been leaning out the window spitting out blood clots. He kicked her and punched her repeatedly, she told deputies.

When they questioned him five days later, he said he had hit her so hard that it was like “hitting a man who owed me money,” according to the affidavit of probable. “I heard a voice telling me to stop, but I didn’t.”

The guilty pleas were not the product of a plea agreement, although two additional felony charges of aggravated assault and battery and family violence battery were dismissed.

The maximum penalty for each of the two counts he pleaded guilty to is 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. His sentence will be argued within 75 days.

The family violence battery is considered a felony because Graygrass had two prior convictions of domestic incidents in 2011 and 2016.

Deegan revoked his $250,000 cash-only bond, pending sentencing, although Graygrass has been in jail since his arrest Oct. 23. He wore the standard orange jumpsuit and shackles in court Friday.

As he left the courtroom Friday, he moved slowly, looking back toward the courtroom and the floor where the child carrier sat.

His girlfriend called out to the bailiff escorting him away.

“Can he see his son?” she asked.

The answer was no, and he quickly disappeared to return to jail.

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