Campbell County Health recently hired its new chief operating officer, Gerard “Jerry” Klein, a man who is highly experienced in health care but also moving on from a tumultuous ending to his most recent leadership position on the other side of the state.

His time as the CEO of Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County in Rock Springs ended with a flurry of resignations and removals, including accusations of financial mismanagement and an alleged downward trend in the hospital’s finances that caused the county to take drastic measures.

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Well....let’s hire an individual with a poor track record of financial success. REALLY!

Is this the best qualified person for the job? If he is the best qualified, something is really lacking in the hiring process!

For the sake of our whole community/county, I hope this works out to our benefit.

Looking back, peabody hired a guy that came in with a poor track record, and remember what happened to them, and the continuing issues!


You nailed that, Rezident! The most hilarious part is his starting wage.


I'd have to agree. bring in a 71 year old questionable individual with a past filled with problems and then pay him $275,000... Something doesn't look quite right. Do you mean to tell me that they couldn't find a bright, talented individual, perhaps a bit younger, for that kind of money? Someone didn't want to put very much work into finding a star out there for $275,000. Must be somebody's cousin.

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